Saturday, 2 February 2013

We're announcing the winners this evening... here are the top 5. First the Under 18s category:

Rocking Robins - Bidwell Brook School, Dartington
Childhood Obesity; It's a Pet's Life; Life of a Snail - all by the Grove School, Totnes
The World of Internet Radio - Emma Norman

and the over 18s:

World's longest musical score - Juan Villalba
Would we survive - Helmi Wolff
1 to the power 21 - Di Cunningham
Fishing the seas dry -  We don't know who you are! Please get in touch!
Time Lapse Peepers - Rob Rosenthal

Ther were 68 entries overall, and lots of stunning, surprising and moving audio amongst them. Others we specially noted were:

A moth by any other name - Helen Swan
No Chinese Opera Today - Monica Ruud
Less a bolt of lightning than the lightning of Bolt - Paul Stones
Marcus and the Christmas snake - Janine Klara
Standing on a Moving Train - Kim Fox
Kosma Tales - Kosma Tales
Picachito- Bontxar

All pieces broadcast tomorrow, Sunday 3rd, from 4pm

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